What Are the Causes of Sweaty Feet?


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The causes of sweaty feet are unknown, but the condition appears to be hereditary, the American Podiatric Medical Association notes. Individuals with normal sweating patterns begin to sweat in response to warmth, but those with sweaty feet appear to lack this response mechanism as they sweat almost continually.

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What Are the Causes of Sweaty Feet?
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Treating sweaty feet depends on the patientメs symptoms, APMA states. The least invasive measures are taking oral medications and applying antiperspirants to the feet. Patients who wish to reduce sweating for a period of between six and nine months may opt for Botox injections. In particularly severe cases, surgical disruption of the nerve signals that transmit the signal for sweating may be necessary.

Successfully managing sweaty feet depends strongly on using appropriate socks, changing the socks at least once a day and maintaining a high standard of foot hygiene, APMA advises. The most helpful types of socks, such as those made from synthetic blends or natural fiber blends, draw moisture away from the foot. Conversely, socks made from 100 percent cotton do not draw moisture away from the foot and may lead to blisters. Thoroughly washing the feet at least once a day using antibacterial soap and applying antifungal powder, foot powder or cornstarch to dry feet is an effective measure for maintaining good foot hygiene. Individuals may also benefit from an iontophoresis machine, which conducts a light electrical current through the skin using water.

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