What causes sudden blurred vision?


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Sudden blurring of vision generally results from a disorder affecting the retina or nerve pathways between the brain and the eye, clouding of usually transparent eye structures or refractive errors, according to Merck Manuals. Blurred vision can occur in one or both eyes and may be accompanied by other symptoms.

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Common causes of blurred vision in only one eye accompanied by pain include trauma and corneal problems, such as infection, extreme dryness and contact lens issues, notes Patient.co.uk. Blurred vision accompanied by pain and occurs in both eyes could be caused by malignant hypertension. Sudden blurred vision in a person with a compromised immune system could result from an infection of the retina, such as is caused by Toxoplasma parasites, explains Merck Manuals. Optic neuritis, in which the optic nerve is inflamed, is another possible cause.

Sudden blurred vision which is not accompanied by pain and is isolated to just one eye could be caused by a variety of conditions, including central retinal vein occlusion, intermediate or posterior uveitis, and toxic illness, reports Patient.co.uk. Vision that blurs suddenly in both eyes, without any reported accompanying pain, could result from cerebrovascular disease, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus or certain drugs, such as steroids and anticholinergics.

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