What Are Some Causes of Stroke?


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Some causes of stroke include high blood pressure and heart disease. Smoking and diabetes are risk factors that contribute to stroke, according to WebMD.

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Strokes occur when blood is cut off to a part of the brain after an artery becomes clogged. When the blood supply is cut off, it can cause brain cells to begin dying off. If the stroke is severe, a person can lose certain bodily functions. The length of the stroke often determines whether the person will recover.

Face drooping and arm weakness are common stroke symptoms, according to the American Stroke Association. Other symptoms include difficulty in speaking. If a person suspects that he or she, or someone else, is having a stroke, he or she should seek immediate help. The quicker a person receives help, the better the outcome.

Many things can put a person at higher risk of having a stroke. Making lifestyle changes, such as eliminating cigarettes and alcohol, can reduce a person's risks. Losing weight and exercising can also help. If a person suffers from a medical disorder that leads to an increased risk of a stroke, treatment of the condition can reduce the person's risk. Only a doctor can determine the right type of treatment and prevention.

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