What Are Some of the Causes of Stomach Gas and Its Treatment?


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Stomach gas may be caused by consumption of certain foods or drinks, swallowing air, stress or anxiety or a gastrointestinal disease, infection or blockage, according to Mayo Clinic. Treatments include lifestyle modifications, over-the-counter medications and dietary changes.

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What Are Some of the Causes of Stomach Gas and Its Treatment?
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Eating foods that contain excessive fat can delay the evacuation of the stomach, cause a person to feel too full and result in stomach gas, notes Mayo Clinic. Stomach gas may also be caused by swallowing air. Some reasons why people unknowingly swallow air include chewing gum, drinking through a straw and smoking. People with acid reflux may try to swallow the stomach acid caught in the esophagus, causing air to be swallowed.

Treatments for excessive stomach gas include temporarily reducing fiber intake, eating less dairy and avoiding fried foods, explains Mayo Clinic. Common foods that can cause gas include Brussels sprouts, asparagus, whole-wheat bread and apples. Eating and drinking slowly may help to prevent stomach gas, and portion control can help as well.

Some people may choose to take medicines such as Beano, lactase supplements, simethicone or activated charcoal tablets to reduce excessive stomach gas, states Mayo Clinic. Because stress and anxiety may cause stomach gas, seeking psychological treatment or just avoiding stressful situations may be helpful. It is important to see a doctor if an underlying health issue is causing stomach gas.

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