What Causes Stomach Cancer?


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As of 2014, the scientific community is unclear as to what causes stomach cancer, according to WebMD. Risk factors such as gender, race, genetics, geographical location, blood type, age and family history may indicate an individual is at an increased risk of developing cancer of the stomach.

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Men are twice more likely to get stomach cancer than women, and African Americans and Asians are more likely than other races to be diagnosed with the disease. Some individuals have a genetic predisposition for stomach cancer, and people living in the former Soviet Union, Japan and parts of South and Central America are also at greater risk, explains WebMD.

Lifestyle decisions can also impact stomach cancer risk. Those who drink alcoholic beverages and consume a high-sodium diet increase their chances of stomach cancer. Exposure at work to rubber, asbestos and nickel, among other substances, can also enhance the risk of stomach cancer, states WebMD. People with type A blood have a greater likelihood of developing stomach cancer, as do those with a family history of the disease. Advanced age can predispose individuals to stomach cancer, as the disease is seen more often in men after age 74 and women after age 70.

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