What Causes Spotting in Menopause?


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Spotting in menopause has many causes, including polyps, thinning of the uterus wall, uterine cancer, and inflammation of vaginal or cervical lining. Women who experience spotting in menopause should see a doctor to rule out serous conditions, advises NHS Choices.

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Spotting in menopause may occur as the result of a thickened womb ling, called endometrial hyperplasia, which can be caused by obesity, womb cancer or hormone replacement therapy, according to NHS Choices. Polyps in the uterus or cervical are usually non-cancerous. About 10 percent of spotting in menopause is related to cancer, reveals the Royal Women’s Hospital. Diagnosis involves physical examination, a biopsy, ultrasound or a hysteroscopy, states WebMD. Treatment depends on the cause of spotting.

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