What Causes Sour Stomach and Nausea?


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A sour stomach and nausea can be caused by pregnancy, food poisoning, medications, allergic reactions, acid reflux, infection and from bacteria, according to WebMD and Healthline. People who experience sour stomachs (upset stomachs) and nausea could have a number of different ailments because these are two popular symptoms of conditions, illnesses and diseases notes Healthline.

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What Causes Sour Stomach and Nausea?
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Doctors often ask patients to be more specific and identify other symptoms besides a sour stomach and nausea so that they can track down the problem. The cause for these symptoms can be something life-threatening such as an extreme allergic reaction, but it is more likely related to something commonplace such as pregnancy or food poisoning, reports Healthline.

Treatment will depend on the cause for the symptoms, but will often include rest. For patients who have a sour stomach and are nauseous due to acid reflux, doctors will ask that they change their eating patterns (no more citrus fruits, red sauces, fried foods, greasy foods, fattening foods, caffeinated beverages or alcohol), give up smoking completely and take antacids. These patients will often report that they feel a sour taste in their mouth in addition to their sour stomach, notes Healthline. Other patients will be asked to wait a day or two to see if they feel better. Most of the common reasons for these symptoms will dissipate within a day or two. notes WebMD.

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