What Causes Sores on the Buttocks That Are Not Bruises?


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Decubitis ulcers cause sores on the buttocks, according to Healthline. The ulcers are commonly referred to as bed sores or pressure sores and cause open wounds on bony areas of the body, such as the buttocks, hips, ankles and back.

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Decubitis ulcers occur in four stages. In stage one, discoloration of the skin is present. An open wound appears in stage two, and a deeper, crater-like wound forms in stage three. In stage four, the wound is very deep, affecting the layers of the skin, muscle, and bone, says Healthline. Older individuals are more likely to develop the ulcers, because their skin is sensitive and fragile.

Decubitis ulcers are caused by consistent pressure to the skin, such as when a person is bed ridden or confined to a wheel chair, states Healthline. Lack of nutrients, dehydration, diabetes, constant friction on the area, and wearing soiled clothing or diapers for extended periods of time can also cause sores.

Doctors diagnose decubitis ulcers by identifying symptoms such as discoloration of the skin, open wounds or infection. Treatment is determined based on the stage of the ulcer. Ulcers that are in the earlier stages of development are often treated with antibiotics and pain medication. Later-stage ulcers may require surgery or alternative treatment, explains Healthline.

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