What Causes Small Red Bumps on the Soft Palate of the Mouth?

Small red bumps on the soft palate of the mouth may indicate infectious mononucleosis or a blood disorder, according to Merck Manuals. Patients may experience other symptoms, like raised glands and a fever with mononucleosis.

One blood condition that causes red bumps on the soft palate is angina bullosa hemorrhagica, Medscape states. This is a rare condition that causes small red blisters on the soft palate as a result of a loose adhesion between the epithelium or mucosa, or an injury to the area.

Mononucleosis, also known as glandular fever, is a more common cause, Mayo Clinic highlights. In addition to the spots, patients may experience generally feeling unwell or feeling fatigued, strep throat that does not get better after antibiotics, swollen tonsils, a swollen spleen and a rash. Patients may experience complications, including an enlarged liver, hepatitis, anemia, heart problems, thrombocytopenia, tonsils that block breathing and nervous system problems. As antibiotics do not have an effect on mononucleosis, patients recover by resting and staying hydrated. In some cases a secondary strep infection may arise, and if it is bacterial the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Mononucleosis has an infectious period of four to six weeks, and is usually spread via kissing. Some patients can benefit from taking corticosteroids to reduce the swelling at the back of their throat.