What Causes Skipped Heartbeats?


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Skipped heartbeats can be caused by smoking, stress, drug abuse, diabetes, high blood pressure, caffeine, blocked arteries in the heart, high alcohol consumption, electric shock, air pollution, heart attack and heart tissue scarring, among others. Skipped heartbeat is an irregular heartbeat condition that has no specific cause; the general term used to refer to irregular heartbeat conditions is "arrhythmia," as stated by WebMD.

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What Causes Skipped Heartbeats?
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Arrhythmia does not mean that the heart's beats are low or high. It refers to any condition that affects the normal rhythm of the heart. It might be too fast, too slow or in some cases silent. Most skipped heartbeats tend to occur due to an early beat or a premature beat. This is when the heart gets apremature signal to squeeze prior to filling with blood. Such beats can arise from the ventricles or the atria and are not considered dangerous.

Treatment is not necessary unless the condition causes symptoms, which can be treated by catheter ablation or medication, as stated by the Heart Rhythm Society. Lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, quitting alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and ensuring a healthy diet, can help prevent skipped heartbeats. Skipped heartbeats are common in people of all ages.

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