What Causes Skin Tags?


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Skin tags appear at points where skin rubs on skin, according to Everyday Health. Because these intersection points are more common on overweight people, skin tags often appear in the folds of their skin. Other causes include wearing tight clothes.

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As of 2015, approximately one person in four gets skin tags, but they usually start appearing after the individual turns 50. People who are obese or who suffer from diabetes are more likely to develop them, notes Everyday Health.

Skin tags do not cause any other symptoms and are benign. While they are harmless, they can look unusual, jumping out from the skin with a narrow extension and hanging there. They start quite small but can get as long as 1/2 inch. After they have fully formed, they generally do not continue to grow, according to Everyday Health.

Treatment for skin tags varies with their location on the body. If the tags are not visible, some people don't get them treated at all, but if they show up in a place that harms a person's appearance, having them removed is simple. Cryosurgery (freezing the skin so the tags fall off) and cautery (burning the tissue) are common options, reports Everyday Health.

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