What Are Some Causes of a Skin Breakout on Your Face and Chest?


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Some causes of skin breakout on your face and chest are eating spicy foods, using products with pore-clogging ingredients, being under intense stress, skipping showers after exercise, and smoking, states Cosmopolitan. Acne can also result from scrubbing your skin too hard, picking at your pimples, and being exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight. Skin breakouts affect a large population of Americans, and are treatable by changing your habits and buying skin treatment products.

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Spicy foods contain peppers, which can increase your pH levels and triggers breakouts, notes Aol. Certain heavy lotions can clog pores, which causes your skin to react by producing acne. Some unexpected reasons for skin breakout are eating too much dairy and using the wrong skin products. Stress produces breakout because your skin produces stress hormones that cause oil glands to increase production, which clogs pores.

Missing showers after exercising is bad for your skin because the sweat sticks on your body and causes breakouts, says Activebeat. Drinking water, consuming less chocolate, getting more sleep, and consuming fewer caffeinated drinks helps decrease skin breakout on your face and chest. Water helps rid toxins from your body, and eating less fatty foods helps decrease harmful oil intake.

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