What Causes Side Pains?


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Side pain can indicate many conditions ranging from a pulled muscle to cancer, but the side of the body the pain occurs and whether it is the upper or lower abdomen is useful in determining its cause, according to Mayo Clinic. Some causes arenメt serious, but others require immediate attention.

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A pulled or strained abdominal muscle refers to damage to a muscle or the tendons that attach it to the bone, according to WebMD. The pull often results in bruising and swelling. Many muscle strains respond to home care, but if the pain is not better after 24 hours, the victim should see a doctor.

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix, a small finger-shaped pouch that attaches to the intestine. The appendix is on the lower right side of the body and inflammation sometimes causes pain there, but Mayo Clinic indicates appendicitis pain usually begins at the naval.

Kidney cancer causes symptoms such as side pain, weight loss and extreme fatigue. Most kidney cancers are caught in the early stages before they have a chance to spread to other organs, improving the chances of effective treatment. However, the tumors often grow very large before their discovery, reports WebMD. The size of the tumor and its spread to other organs determine the stage of cancer.

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