What Causes Sharp Pain in Your Eye?


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Possible causes of eye pain, which can be a sharp or dull sensation, include a foreign object in the eye or a direct injury, according to Healthgrades. Eye diseases and disorders causing inflammation may also result in eye pain. Allergies, trauma or an eye infection are other potential causes.

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A blunt impact to the eye region or a cut near the eye are direct injuries that can lead to eye pain, states Healthgrades. Eye pain can also result from foreign objects in the eye, such as improperly aligned contact lens, dust particles or an eyelash. Tears usually remove foreign objects on the eye surface, resolving pain and irritation.

Generalized conditions, such as sinusitis, common cold, the flu, an upper respiratory infection or migraine, may also cause eye pain, explains Healthgrades. In some cases, the pain occurs due to a localized infection or inflammation at the bottom of the eyelashes. Inflammation or infection of the cornea also involves pain.

Severe causes of eye pain that can lead to vision loss and require prompt medical treatment include shingles on the eye or face, eyelid lacerations, corneal abrasion and acute glaucoma, notes Healthgrades. It is important to see a doctor immediately if a person experiences eye pain after trauma, if an object is lodged in the eye or if accompanying symptoms, such as vision changes, occur.

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