What Are Some Causes of a Sharp Pain in Your Eye?


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Sharp pain in the eye is caused by structures in the eye, inflammation or foreign bodies stuck in the eye, explains WebMD. Some conditions that cause eye pain include glaucoma, multiple sclerosis or shingles.

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Many causes of eye pain go away on their own without medical intervention, states WebMD. Some serious medical conditions can cause sharp eye pain and require medical assistance. A scratch on the cornea of the eye causes sharp pain and is usually the result of injury. Doctors treat the condition with antibiotic eye drops. People who have glaucoma experience sudden and severe eye pain. When pressure inside the eye rises, it causes nausea, headaches and loss of vision. This condition requires immediate medical intervention to prevent blindness.

Usually, any eye pain accompanied by vision loss requires urgent medical attention, the Mayo Clinic explains. Eye pain that originates from deep inside of the eye is a sign of a serious condition. Most surface eye pain causes itching and is the result of a foreign object getting inside of the eye, or an eye infection such as pink eye.

When a foreign body gets in the eye, WebMD suggests rinsing the eye with water to remove the object. If the object is not removed from the eye, it causes corneal abrasions, which require further treatment by a doctor.

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