What Are Some Causes of Severe Foot Pain When Walking?


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Causes of foot pain include injury, overuse, inflammatory conditions and Achilles tendinitis, according to the Mayo Clinic. Nerve damage, bone spurs and ingrown toenails are other common causes of foot pain.

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One of the most common causes of foot pain is due to shoes that don't fit properly, according to Healthline. Foot pain may also develop from high-impact sports such as running or intense aerobics. Also, the feet are especially susceptible to pain from arthritis. The American Podiatric Medical Association claims that there are 33 joints in the foot that can be affected by arthritis.

Diabetes is another common cause of foot complications. These complications include foot ulcers or sores, nerve damage, and clogged or hardened arteries in the feet, explains Healthline. People who are overweight or obese also have a higher risk of experiencing foot pain.

Mayo Clinic suggests seeking immediate medical attention if foot pain is severe, associated with an open wound that is oozing pus, showing signs of infection, or if unable to walk on the foot. It is recommended to schedule an appointment with a doctor if mild pain is persistent for several weeks, swelling doesn't improve within two to five days of home treatment, or if the pain turns to a burning, tingling or sensation of numbness.

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