What Causes Severe Back Pain During Pregnancy?


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According to WebMD, causes of back pain during pregnancy include weight gain, posture changes, hormonal changes, muscle separation and stress. Spine-Health adds malfunction in the sacroiliac joint and physically strenuous work as other causes.

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BabyCenter states that the added weight adds work for the muscles and stress on the joints. It further notes that hormonal changes during pregnancy loosen joints and ligaments that attach the pelvic bone to the spine. Experts explain that two common types of back pain occur during pregnancy. Lumbar pain occurs in the lumbar vertebral area at the lower back, while posterior pelvic pain is felt in the back of the pelvis.

According to Spine-Health, hormonal changes that prepare the pelvis for child delivery loosen the ligaments controlling the functioning of sacroiliac joints. This increased ligament elasticity increases motion and instability around the sacroiliac joint, eventually causing sacroiliac pain.

In order to relief these pains, practice good posture, wear low-heeled shoes (not flat), lift objects by squatting first, sleep on your side, practice light physical exercise, consider complementary therapies or have a massage, notes Mayo Clinic. According to WebMD, acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation of the spine also relieve these back pains. However, WebMD notes that you need to consult a doctor prior to seeking chiropractic care.

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