What Causes Seizures in Adults?


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Epilepsy, head injury and eclampsia are the three most common causes for seizures in adults. Each of these constitutes a medical emergency, which is why people who experience seizures should seek emergency medical attention as quickly as possible, as stated by Healthline.

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What Causes Seizures in Adults?
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Epilepsy is a disorder of the neurological system that affects the whole nervous system. A seizure is really a disturbance in the brain's electrical activity. Different people's brains respond to this disturbance differently, which means that there are different kinds of seizures -- partial and generalized. Partial seizures only take place in one part of the brain and influence just part of the body. Repetitive motions, dizziness and jerky movements are examples. Generalized seizures result in loss of consciousness, convulsions, falling down and several other symptoms, notes Healthline.

When a seizure takes place after a head injury, the scalp, skull or brain may be compromised, says Healthline. Depending on the cause, the seizure may or may not be a sign of a severe problem, but only a medical examination can determine the damage. Eclampsia is a rare but serious condition that causes pregnant women to have seizures. Because the health of the mother and fetus are both at risk, it is particularly important for a pregnant woman to get medical care if she has a seizure.

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