What Are Some Causes of Scar Tissue in the Abdomen?


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Scar tissue develops in the abdomen as a result of surgery complications, explains WebMD. People who undergo pelvic or abdominal surgery are more at risk for scar tissue or abdominal adhesions. Scar tissue can also develop in the abdomen as a result of infection, radiation or trauma.

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Scar tissue on the abdomen typically forms during the first few days following surgery, according to WebMD. Symptoms may not appear for several years or within a few months. Patients with scar tissue in the abdomen may begin to notice difficulty digesting food or struggle with constipation if the bowels become blocked because scar tissue restricts the small intestine's motion.

Scar tissue or adhesions on the abdomen can cause chronic pelvic pain in addition to small bowel obstructions, explains WebMD. In rare cases, adhesions can be fatal when scar tissue that forms fibrous bands wrap around segments of the intestine, ultimately restricting blood flow. Patients should seek medical care when experiencing pelvic pain, an unexplained fever or abdominal pain.

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