What Causes Redness and Bumps on the Nose and Cheeks?


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Redness and bumps on the nose and cheeks may be caused by a condition called rosacea, explains WebMD. This is a very common skin condition and most often affects adults over the age of 30.

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Rosacea is not dangerous, but may cause people to lack confidence, claims WebMD. This condition often flares or gets worse when triggered by sun and wind exposure, exercise, stress, alcohol, and spicy foods. Temperature swings from hot to cold or vice versa may also cause a flare-up of rosacea.

In addition to bumps and redness on the nose and cheeks, there are other symptoms of rosacea that may appear, according to WebMD. These symptoms include dry, sensitive skin, skin that feels rough and thick, and irritated and dry eyes. In rare cases, if rosacea is not treated, it may cause permanent effects such as loss of vision or permanent thickening of the skin.

Treatments for rosacea include antibiotics and skin creams that help alleviate the breakouts and redness associated with the condition, reports WebMD. Laser or intense pulsed-light treatment may also be used the treat redness from rosacea. If the skin is dry due to rosacea, doctors often recommend moisturizing lotions, and if the eyes are affected by rosacea, artificial tears or prescription eye drops are often used. If the rosacea is severe and the skin has thickened, cosmetic surgery may correct it.

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