What Causes Red Marks on Skin?


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Red spots on the skin can be caused by a number of different conditions or illnesses. Some common causes of skin redness are inflammation, infection and sunburn, according to AARP.

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Skin redness is sometimes referred to as "flushing" or erythema, according to AARP's health encyclopedia.Other causes of red spots include hives, dermatitis, psoriasis, allergic reaction, insect bites or stings and ringworm. Treatments for skin redness depend on the diagnosis of the condition and the severity. Some skin rashes can be treated at home or with over-the-counter medication, whereas others require medical attention and prescriptions from a licensed physician. AARP warns that it's extremely important to consult a health professional immediately if the skin redness is accompanied by other symptoms, such as a severe allergic reaction, breathing difficulties, itchiness, swelling or hives.

According to Sclero.org, red skin spots, which are described as dilated superficial blood vessels, can also occur due to certain diseases or long-term therapies. Dilated blood vessels may appear after being treated with topical fluorinated corticosteroids or as a symptom of systemic diseases, such as scleroderma and ataxia-telangiectasia. These conditions may cause red marks to appear in various locations on the skin, especially on the nose, cheeks, chin and neck.

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