What Causes Red Dots to Appear on the Stomach?


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Various conditions, such as rashes caused by contact dermatitis, may cause red dots to appear on the stomach. Scarlet fever and allergic reactions to food and chemicals are possible explanations, notes Healthgrades, and Healthline mentions small skin growths called cherry angiomas as causing red dots.

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Rashes are the most common cause of red dots, bumps and blotches on the stomach area. Rashes are often caused by contact dermatitis, which occurs when the skin reacts to harsh chemicals and dyes from new clothing, soaps or lotions, explains Healthgrades. Scarlet fever and poison ivy cause small red dots to appear on the skin and often affect the stomach region first. Allergic reactions to certain foods, including peanuts, strawberries and shellfish, may also be to blame and require prompt medical care.

Small bumps called cherry angiomas, which occur when the blood vessel inside of a skin growth bursts and creates a red appearance, are common among individuals age 30 and older. These growths often occur on the torso area, notes Healthline. Cherry angiomas are generally not a cause for concern but can be removed by a dermatologist. If at any time the small red dots change in appearance, spread, or are accompanied by fever or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

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