What Causes a Red Cervix?

If there is irritation, redness and inflammation of the cervical lining, it may be caused by an infection or an injury. There also can be other symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, fever and pus discharge. The condition is referred to as cervicitis, according to WebMD.

The cervix is the opening found between the vagina and uterus. Cervicitis occurs when there is inflammation and redness of the cervical lining due to factors, such as some trauma, an infection caused by a sexually transmitted disease, an allergic reaction to some irritant and an overgrowth of bacteria that results in bacterial vaginosis, states WebMD.

Doctors can diagnose the condition through a pelvic exam where a sample of any discharge may be obtained with a swab and later examined in a lab. If cervicitis is caused by a sexually transmitted disease, then antibiotics or antifungal medications can be prescribed depending on which pathogen is causing the infection, notes Mayo Clinic. Similarly, sexual partners need to be treated in such cases.

It is important for women to see a doctor and get treatment if they experience any of the symptoms associated with cervicitis. If a sexually transmitted infection is not treated, then it can extend to other organs like the uterus and Fallopian tubes. This can cause a complication like pelvic inflammatory disease. It can also lead to fertility issues.