What Are Some Causes of Rapid Heart Rate in Women?


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Common causes of a rapid heart rate in women include medical conditions, lifestyle habits, emotions and environmental factors, explains Mayo Clinic. Women commonly have a faster baseline heart rate than men because the sinus node refractory time takes longer to signal an impulse for the heart to beat again, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

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Medical conditions that cause rapid heartbeats in women include high blood pressure, an overactive or underactive thyroid, blocked arteries in the heart, scarring of heart tissue and a heart attack, according to Mayo Clinic. Rapid heartbeats in women may result from complications of diabetes and reactions to herbal treatments, dietary supplements or prescription medications. Lifestyle habits, such as drug abuse, smoking, overconsumption of caffeine or alcohol, and stress can increase the heart rate in women.

Environmental factors, such as changing temperatures, can cause a woman to have a rapid heartbeat, explains the American Heart Association. Humid temperatures cause the pulse rate to increase because the heart has to pump more blood. Emotions in women can increase the heart rate. Women who are anxious, extraordinarily sad or happy and stressed experience rapid heartbeats. Body size also factors into the rate the heart beats. Women who are obese commonly have a higher resting pulse.

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