What Causes Random Leg Muscle Pain?


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Some of the likely causes of random leg muscle pain include bursitis, fibromyalgia, muscle cramp, tendinitis and chronic exertional compartment syndrome, claims MedGuidance.com. Causes of random leg muscle pain are not easy to determine because of the sporadic nature of its occurrence.

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Bursitis affects fluids part near leg joints with symptoms such as aching and stiff joints, red rash around the joints, and pains during mobility. Chronic exertional compartment syndrome is a rarity that usually occurs because of strenuous exercise, states MedGuidance.com. Its symptoms are similar to those of bursitis.

Fibromyalgia causes pain and stiffness not only in leg muscles, but it can affect the whole body, claims MedGuidance.com. Pain caused by fibromyalgia can increase as a result of stress, weather and leg movements. Aside from feeling pain, additional symptoms include headaches, memory problems and fatigue.

Tendinitis is the swelling or inflammation of the structures and tendons that connect muscles to bone. It exhibits similar symptoms to bursitis. Muscle cramps are common and affect almost everyone. It occurs as a result of vigorous activity, injury or vitamin deficiency, notes MedGuidance.com. Other causes of leg pain include night leg cramps, gout and injuries to the leg.

Leg muscle pain is felt as a dull, tingling, aching, stabbing or sharp pain notes MedGuidance.com. The pain occurs when active or inactive and interferes with normal activity. Other conditions that accompany leg muscle pains are cramps, cardiovascular problems and immobility in extreme cases.

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