What Causes Puffy and Itchy Eyelids?


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Puffy or swollen itchy eyelids are normally caused by allergies, according to HealthGrades and All About Vision. Sometimes swollen eyelids are caused by infection, injury or a serious condition such as Graves disease or ocular cellulitis. Itchy eyelids may be caused by a bacterial infection, blocked oil gland or inflammation.

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What Causes Puffy and Itchy Eyelids?
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It is important to note that eyelid puffiness and swelling are often used interchangeably, although they are very different, according to All About Vision. Eyelid puffiness that is not caused by allergies is usually caused by lack of sleep, water retention or dark circles under the eyes, whereas swollen eyelids may be more serious. A person who is concerned about their vision or symptoms is advised to see an eye doctor, particularly if the conditions persists or worsens.

Most conditions that affect the eyelids are not life threatening or a threat to a person's vision, notes HealthGrades. Often, eyelid conditions clear up on their own in a few days and are not a cause for concern. Over-the-counter medication and treatments such as a cold compress and antihistamines can reduce itch. Avoid rubbing or scratching the eyes. In some cases, eyelid itching is related to anaphalaxis, which is an allergic reaction and requires immediate medical attention. A sudden swelling of the face or wheezing accompanied by eyelid itch requires medical care.

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