What Are Some Causes of Puffy Eyelids?


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Some of the causes of puffy eyelids include eye allergies, styes, pink eye, cellulitis and Graves' disease, according to About.com. People who have a herpes infection in the eye may also experience swollen eyelids.

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The most common cause of eyelid puffiness is eye allergies, explains About.com. In addition to puffiness, the eyes may also be red, itchy and watery. Medications, such as antihistamines, help to reduce the swelling and other symptoms. Eye styes may also cause puffiness on the eyelids, and it usually begins as a reddish bump, and then grows larger. The eye may also feel as if it has a bruise and may be sensitive to light.

Pink eye may also cause puffy eyelids, and the causes of pink eye include bacteria, allergies or viruses, states About.com. The eyelids look swollen, and the whites of the eyes are usually red and itchy. Cellulitis is a more serious reason for eyelid swelling and is usually due to an infection. Graves' disease is a thyroid issue, that often causes bulging of the eyes, that may also cause double vision. This condition may also cause a reduction in eye movements.

When eye herpes appears in the cornea, it can also cause the eyelids to swell, claims About.com. Eye herpes also produces sores on the surface on the eye or the eyelid, and this may cause inflammation of the cornea. The symptoms of eye herpes are similar to pink eye.

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