What Causes Premature Wrinkling of the Skin?

causes-premature-wrinkling-skin Credit: Tim Flach/Stone/Getty Images

Smoking, sun exposure and repeated facial expressions can cause premature wrinkling of the skin, according to WebMD. A decrease in natural oils can also cause premature wrinkling.

As people age, the skin begins producing less natural oil. As oil production decreases, the skins dries out and fat layers begin disappearing. As these two things occur, wrinkles become prominent due to the skin becoming loose.

Wrinkles can occur from long-term smoking since it accelerates the aging process. Smoking can also damage the skin by discoloring it or giving it an unnatural texture.

Repeated, unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays damages the skin by breaking down the structure of the dermis. As the dermis becomes damaged, the skins loses elasticity which can cause it to sag or droop causing wrinkles.

Repeated facial expressions can lead to wrinkles by forming grooves over time. As people get older, their skin naturally loses elasticity which prevents the skins from bouncing back from the lines made during the facial expressions.

Premature wrinkles can be prevented by wearing sunscreen or other protection when headed outdoors. Stopping smoking and using moisturizers can also help prevent premature wrinkles. Eating a healthy diet also goes a long way in preventing wrinkles and other skin damage.