What Causes Polyps in the Colon?


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The cause for colon polyps is not known, but certain genetics and behaviors are thought to increase an individual's risk for colon polyps, notes Healthline. Some colon polyps cause no symptoms, while others cause blood in the stool, anal bleeding or constipation that lasts a week or longer.

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What Causes Polyps in the Colon?
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Risk factors for developing colon polyps include being over 50 years old, having colon polyps before and having a family history of colon cancer or polyps, according to Healthline. Another risk factor for women is having uterine or ovarian cancer before the age of 50. Certain behaviors that are thought to increase the risk of developing colon polyps include infrequent exercise, eating a diet high in fats and smoking. People who are overweight or drink alcohol on a regular basis also have a higher risk.

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