What Causes Periodic Face Flushing?


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Common causes of facial flushing include extreme emotions, rosacea or eating spicy foods, according to MedlinePlus. Other causes include alcohol use, medications, high fever, menopause or carcinoid syndrome. A rapid change in temperature can also cause facial flushing.

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In most cases, flushing goes away on its own, and it is preventable by avoiding the triggers of flushing, explains MedlinePlus. If the flushing is persistent and there are other symptoms with the flushing, such as diarrhea, it is important to contact a doctor. When at a doctor's appointment for flushing, the doctor typically does a physical exam and may ask the patient to give a medical history and explain the symptoms.

One question the doctor may ask the patient is if the flushing affects the entire body or only the face, states MedlinePlus. The doctor may also ask the patient about hot flashes and how often blushing or flushing occurs. Asking about the frequency or worsening of the flushing over time is also important, and the doctor may ask about the patient's alcohol use. If there are other symptoms occurring with the flushing, such as wheezing, difficulty breathing or hives, the doctor may also ask questions about these before making a diagnosis.

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