What Causes People to Bruise Easily?


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Easy bruising can be due to normal aging or taking certain medications or supplements, such as aspirin, anticoagulants, anti-platelet drugs, corticosteroids, and fish oil and ginkgo supplements, notes Mayo Clinic. A tendency to bruise easily can also sometimes indicate a more serious health problem like a blood disease or blood-clotting disorder.

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What Causes People to Bruise Easily?
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Bruising easily is more common among older adults because skin thins with age, while some of the fatty layer cushioning the blood vessels disappears, explains Mayo Clinic. In most cases, bruises are the result of small blood vessels, called capillaries, near the surface of the skin breaking and leaking blood following trauma to the area. Thus, it takes less trauma to create a bruise as the protective layer of fat shielding the blood vessels grows thinner.

Certain medications diminish the blood's clotting abilities, while others thin the skin, states Mayo Clinic. People who take medications such as aspirin and anticoagulants may bruise more easily because their blood does not clot as readily. As a result, it takes longer for bleeding due to capillary damage to come to a stop. Meanwhile, those who use systemic or topical corticosteroids may also bruise with greater ease because such medications thin out the skin. Fish oil and ginkgo supplements thin out the blood, which can also make it easier for bruises to form.

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