What Are Some Causes of Pelvic Pain in Women?


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Some of the causes associated with pelvic pain in women include menstrual cramps, endometriosis, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, premature birth, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids and ovulation. A woman may have to pay a visit to the doctor and undergo several tests before correctly being diagnosed for the actual cause of pain, as noted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

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What Are Some Causes of Pelvic Pain in Women?
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Some of the most dangerous causes of pelvic pain include cervical and uterine cancer. The best way to get rid of pain caused by these conditions is to seek treatment of the root cause. Painful sensations caused due to ovulation and menstrual cramps are likely to subside on their own after completing the menstrual cycle.

In case of miscarriage, doctors may prescribe certain medications or painkillers and plenty of rest in order for the strained muscles and bones to recover. Fibroids are growths that may equally cause painful sensations, but they rarely pose any serious danger to health since they can easily be treated.

To determine the actual cause of pelvic pain in women, one of the tests that may be carried out involves an ultrasound to view images of internal organs. Hysteroscopy, which is a test to examine the uterus, may also be carried out. Other tests include computed tomography scans, pregnancy tests, blood tests and bone density screening, as stated by WebMD.

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