What Causes Peeling Skin on Your Hands?


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Environmental elements, such as excessive humidity, sun exposure, heat and dryness within the air, typically cause peeling skin on the hand, according to Mayo Clinic. Illnesses and disorders, such as staph and fungal infections, immune system disorders and allergic reactions, also cause the skin to peel.

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What Causes Peeling Skin on Your Hands?
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Individuals undergoing cancer treatment and people with genetic or rare skin disorders may experience excessive peeling of the skin, as explained by Mayo Clinic. Skin irritations due to bug bites, scratches or injuries and sunburn cause the skin to peel.

Certain diseases, illnesses and skin conditions, such as athlete's foot, dermatitis, psoriasis, ringworm and scarlet fever, can cause skin peeling, as asserted by Mayo Clinic. People with dry skin and those who sweat excessively are more prone to skin peeling. Some side effects of medication can cause skin peeling in addition to cutaneous t-cell lymphoma, Kawasaki disease, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and toxic shock syndrome.

When skin peels, patients lose the upper layer of the skin due to the damage of the top layer, as explained by Mayo Clinic. Many people experience dryness, itching and a rash with skin peeling. Treatment for skin peeling focuses on the cause and may require consultations with a medical professional.

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