What Causes Peeling Fingers?

Peeling fingers can have different causes and should always be observed by a doctor; however, one such cause for peeling fingers and peeling toes is acral peeling syndrome, states Genetics Home Reference, while another is common wear and tear on the skin. Acral peeling syndrome is most commonly associated with ongoing finger peeling and is a painless yet an unsettling condition.

In Acral peeling skin syndrome, the "top layer of skin" on the hands, feet, arms and legs are often peeled off. The condition can manifest later in life or can be a lifelong condition that starts at birth. Certain conditions such as heat, moisture and friction make the peeling worse, as noted by Genetics HomeReference. The condition must be treated by a doctor.

Peeling skin can also be caused by normal everyday wear and tear says the MayoClinic. When skin is damaged, the top layer will often peel off and the damage can be from a simple sunburn. Other problems such as infections can lead to peeling skin as well. The site does warn, however, that peeling skin on the fingers can be a symptom of an immune system disorder and should be monitored to see if things worsen.