What Causes Palm Rashes?


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Possible causes of palm rash include skin inflammation, allergies and skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, according to Healthgrades. A palm rash may result from a localized condition that occurs around the palm or a generalized condition that affects other parts of the body.

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Contact dermatitis, in which the skin becomes inflamed upon skin contact, occurs due to an adverse reaction to chemicals in products such as detergents and soaps, states Healthgrades. A person bitten by an animal, stung by an insect or exposed to plants like poison oak is also prone to suffer contact dermatitis.

Psoriasis eruptions typically lead to inflamed palms with scaly, white spots, whereas the infectious disease scabies often starts on the palms, says Healthgrades. Some skin conditions cause palm rashes that resolve after a while. Other potential causes of rashes include autoimmune disorders and hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Viruses that spread during the flu season and those that commonly affect children are likely to cause rashes.

Food, drug and chemical allergies can be fatal causes of palm rash, notes Healthgrades. A person should call for immediate medical help if he experiences skin rash, especially purple rash, accompanied by swelling, vomiting, breathing trouble or constriction of the throat. Pale skin and fainting are also symptoms of a dangerous allergic reaction.

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