What Are Some Causes of Painful Veins in the Legs?


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Causes of pain in the leg veins include varicose veins, poor blood flow and swelling or clogging of the veins. Additional causes are cellulitis and muscle aches, according to Healthgrades.

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Varicose veins develop because of weak valves and veins. When the valves that help blood flow up from the leg and into the heart stop working well, blood builds up in legs. This causes the veins to weaken, swell and twist, explains WebMD. This condition is associated with aging, being overweight or pregnant, and standing for long periods of time for a job. Varicose veins have a dark blue and swollen appearance under the skin.

Most people with this condition do not experience any symptoms. However, mild symptoms include swelling in the feet or ankles and itching in the area of the veins. In addition to pain, varicose veins may cause a burning, heaviness or tiredness in the legs, notes WebMD. Serious symptoms associated with varicose veins are leg swelling, pain and swelling in the calf after standing for a length of time, and changes in the skin, including dryness, color, inflammation and scaling.

Most cases of varicose veins are mild, but some are an indication of a blockage in the deeper veins. This problem requires proper medical treatment, states WebMD.

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