What Causes Painful Legs?


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Pain in the legs has many potential causes, according to eMedicineHealth, and includes, trauma, nerve problems, fractures, bleeding, infection, underlying health issues, joint problems and muscle problems. The type of problem is easier to identify based on the type of pain, its location and any other symptoms.

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What Causes Painful Legs?
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Leg pain is a frustrating and anxiety causing condition, especially if the pain makes it difficult to walk. According to eMedicineHealth, pain in the legs has many potential causes from a pulled muscle to major trauma.

Traumatic injury to the legs will definitely cause pain. Trauma can include damaged bones, muscles, joints or nerves from a fall or other type of injury. All of these can produce pain from mild to severe. Mild symptoms may heal on their own with home treatment, but moderate to severe pain can indicate a worse injury that requires medical treatment.

Leg pain can also be caused by non-traumatic conditions, which may be local or systemic problems. A local condition that causes non-traumatic pain is gout, which causes pain in the toes and feet. A systemic condition could be peripheral artery disease or diabetes-related neuropathy.

Other potential causes of pain in the legs include joint and muscle problems that aren't necessarily caused by trauma. Many people suffer with arthritis causing pain in the hips, knees and ankles. Others may have muscle cramping from an imbalance of electrolytes or dehydration.

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