What Are Some Causes for Pain on Top of the Feet?


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Causes of pain on top of the foot include stress fractures, gout, athlete's foot, nerve entrapment and ganglion cysts. Pain on top of the foot can also result from a tarsal coalition or sinus tarsi syndrome, according to Foot-Pain-Explored.com.

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Stress fractures cause sudden pain on the top of the foot without any particular injury, but mostly from small breakages of any of the metatarsals. Stress fractures are common after repetitive overloading of the body. Pain on top of the foot around the big toe mostly results from gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis that affects the joints. Pain associated with athlete's foot may affect any part of the foot and results from a fungal infection, says Foot-Pain-Explored.com.

Pain on top of foot can result from the pinching of a nerve on top of the foot, causing nerve entrapment after wearing tight footwear or foot injuries. The pain on top of the foot can also result from a harmless swelling on top of the foot due to a ganglion cyst. Additionally, pain on top of the foot can occur due to tarsal coalition where more than one tarsal bone joins with a bone bridge. Pain on top of the foot can also result from localized inflammation around the ankle in sinus tarsi syndrome, indicates Foot-Pain-Explored.com.

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