What causes pain on the right side of the head?


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Headache pain restricted to the right side of the head may be due to trauma to the right side of the head, various infections and some neurological diseases, according to American Family Physician. Frequent headaches that are localized to one side of the head are often classified as migraines, though they may also result from a condition known as cluster headaches.

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What causes pain on the right side of the head?
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There are a wide variety of potential causes of unilateral headaches, explains American Family Physician. These headaches are restricted to one side of the head or the other. Because of the many possible causes of a headache, it is critical for patients seeking treatment for a headache to provide as much additional information as possible when describing the symptoms and their recent history to their doctor to aid in diagnosis. While most headaches are not life-threatening, some unilateral headaches can be signs of severe trauma or disease, especially if this is the first time this kind of headache has occurred.

Recurring headaches from cluster headaches and migraines are often restricted to one side of the head, states American Family Physician. However, migraines usually start on one side of the head and spread, while cluster headaches are exclusive to one side for their duration. Cluster headaches are more prevalent in men and often occur with additional symptoms such as sinus congestion and teary eyes that are restricted to the same side as the headache.

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