What Causes Pain on the Outside of Your Foot?


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Bone fractures, neuropathy, trauma and tendinitis can cause pain on the outside of the foot, explains WebMD. Foot pain due to neuropathy or nerve damage often results from diabetes and can occur anywhere on the foot. This pain usually manifests as stinging or burning sensations.

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If the fifth metatarsal bone becomes fractured, it causes pain on the outer edge of the foot, states WebMD. This is a fairly common foot injury that requires a doctor to diagnose it correctly through X-rays. Symptoms include swelling, pain and bruising. Although this injury can heal with the proper amount of rest and ice, some severe breaks require surgery to set the bone and splints or casts to immobilize the foot.

Trauma can cause outer edge foot pain as well as pain throughout the foot, according to WebMD. Trauma can occur simply because shoes do not fit well or because the foot was crushed in some way. Treatment depends on the reason for the trauma, ranging from medical treatment to better-fitting shoes. Tendinitis can occur along any part of the foot because tendons run along every part of the foot. When these tendons become inflamed, an individual experiences pain. Often, over-the-counter pain relievers and rest can resolve the problem.

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