What Causes Pain in the Left Arm and Fingers?

Causes for arm and finger pain include common injuries, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, according to Healthline. It is suggested to see a doctor if consistent or unexplained pain is being experienced in the fingers.

Additional causes for arm pain include heart disease, Lyme disease and peripheral vascular disease. Arm pain can manifest in one or both arms and can be dull, sharp, constant, intermittent, burning or cramping. The type of pain being experienced must be described accurately in order to assist a doctor who is doing an evaluation, explains Healthline.

If arm pain is experienced with dizziness, chest pain, profuse sweating or a severe headache, sufferers should contact 911. These symptoms may be signs of heart disease.

Other causes of finger pain are osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. A pinched nerve in the arm, wrist or hand is another cause, according to Healthline. Finger pain can manifest as dull, achy, sharp or cramp-like. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other medical conditions can cause throbbing in the hands and fingers, pain when moving the fingers, hand tremors, or difficulty writing and typing.

Any pain caused by minor injuries heals naturally and rarely requires treatment. Non-prescription pain medicines can be used to ease discomfort, Healthline advises.