What causes pain in the head on the right side?


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There are two types of headaches that may cause pain on the right side of the head, a hemicrania continua headache and chronic migraine, according to Mayo Clinic. Both of these headache types may affect the right or left side of the head, but not both.

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What causes pain in the head on the right side?
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Hemicrania continua headache symptoms include pain on one side of the head, continuous pain and have spikes of severe pain, explains Mayo Clinic. A hemicrania continua headache may also occur alongside migraine symptoms and cause nasal congestion, tearing or redness in the eye and drooping of the eyelid or pupil constriction.

Chronic migraine may also cause pain on the right side of the head, claims Mayo Clinic. Chronic migraines occur at least 15 days or more each month for more than three months. These headaches cause a throbbing or pulsing sensation, and the pain is described as moderate to severe. A person may also notice that the headache is aggravated by physical activity. Nausea and vomiting may occur, and many people also report sensitivity to both sound and light.

It is common to have occasional headaches, but if someone has more than two or more headaches a week, he should see a doctor, states Mayo Clinic. If a headache causes severe pain, comes upon suddenly or occurs following an injury, emergency medical treatment may be necessary.

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