What causes pain in the big toe?


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Common causes of pain in the big toe include gout, bunions or ingrown toenails, according to WebMD. Hammer or claw toe, turf toe, sesamoid fractures, corns, and calluses may also cause pain in the big toe.

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What causes pain in the big toe?
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Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis, according to WebMD. Pain is caused when crystal deposits form in the joints of the toe. A bunion, which is often caused by wearing improperly fitted shoes, is a bony prominence near the big toe. Hammer toes and bunions often occur together. Ingrown toenails not only cause pain, but may also lead to infection. Turf toe is caused by hyperextension of the big toe during athletic activities. The treatment for toe pain varies depending on the cause of the pain, and in some cases, medical care is required.

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