What Causes Osteosclerosis?

Osteosclerosis is characterized by the abnormal hardening of bones. As of 2011, the genetic defect or mutation that causes this condition is not yet known, according to LivingNaturally.com. However, prostate cancer, hemangioma and Erdheim-Chester disease could be some of the possible causes, notes Helpful.com.

Since the information about the prevalence of osteosclerosis is not well-documented, the likelihood of giving birth to a child with osteosclerosis is quite unclear, as LivingNaturally.com notes. In fact, there is lack of clear information about its prevalence and whether it affects any particular race, sex or ethnicity more frequently than others.

According to LivingNaturally.com, people with this condition have a decreased level of a type of white blood cells that are known as neutrophils. Osteosclerosis also inhibits the natural absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. People who are suffering from osteosclerosis tend to be short in stature, and they normally have delayed growth.

Right Diagnosis hints that osteosclerosis could be associated with a number of medical conditions that include ovary conditions, fertility conditions, bone or skeletal conditions and genital conditions, among others. LivingNaturally.com states that there are a number of complications associated with this osteosclerosis, such as dental problems, recurrent infections, heart problems and malnutrition.