What Causes One Cheek to Be Red and the Other Pale in a Baby?


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One red cheek and one pale cheek on a baby may be a sign of teething, according to Homeopathic Laboratories. Other possible explanations are baby eczema, according to WebMD. If the rash is accompanied by a very high fever, it could be roseola, according to DrGreene.com.

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Teething may cause one cheek to be red and hot and one to be cool and pale, and is sometimes accompanied by a fever, according to Homeopathic Laboratories. If teething is the cause, the baby may also be experiencing additional drooling, nighttime waking, trouble feeding, and red or swollen gums, according to Patient.co.uk.

Baby eczema may also be the culprit in the case of red, patchy skin on any part of the body, according to WebMD, which states that eczema most often appears on the cheeks. Baby eczema is typically caused by dry skin, stress, irritants or possibly allergies. Heat and sweat also cause eczema signs to fire up, and babies with a family history of eczema are more likely to develop baby eczema.

Roseola is a common childhood ailment characterized by a high fever lasting three to five days, followed by a red rash that often appears on the arms, legs, neck and face, according to DrGreene.com.

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