What Causes Numbness in the Right Arm?

causes-numbness-right-arm Credit: Hector Alejandro/CC-BY 2.0

Numbness in the right arm can be caused by nerve injuries, prolonged sitting or standing, vitamin B-12 deficiencies and insect bites, explains MedlinePlus. Numbness may also be triggered by migraine headaches and diabetes.

Additional causes of numbness or tingling in the right arm include excess pressure on the nerves due to the formation of scar tissue, hindered blood flow to the arm and side effects of radiation treatments, according to Healthline. In certain cases, numbness in the right arm can indicate serious medical issues, such as stroke or brain swelling, so it is imperative for individuals with unexplained numbness to seek medical attention to ensure an exact diagnosis and begin immediate treatment.

Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome may also experience symptoms of numbness and tingling in the right arm, explains WebMD. The sensation often wakes sufferers up during rest and can sometimes be relieved by shaking the arm and wrist. Additional symptoms include pain between the elbow and wrist, stiff fingers upon waking, and pain that worsens upon movement of the hands and wrists. The condition may also cause individuals to lose strength in the fingers and hands, which in turn can make it difficult for them to hold objects or perform simple tasks, such as hair brushing or holding onto eating utensils.