What Are Some Causes of Night Itching?


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The causes of night itching include insect bites, allergic reactions, and health conditions such as thyroid disease, kidney disease and cancer, according to Med-Health.net. Anxiety, stress, dry skin and pregnancy also cause itching at night.

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What Are Some Causes of Night Itching?
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Determining the cause of night itching helps eliminate the problem. Insect bites and allergies, for example, typically cause red bumps or a skin rash to appear. Anxiety causes an itching or burning sensation, but may not always cause a skin rash, according to Anxietycentre.com. Itching without the presence of a rash also indicates an internal health issue, such as liver disorders, fungal infections or menopause, reports Med-Health.net.

Solutions for night itching caused by insects or allergens include hiring an exterminator to kill insects living in mattresses, carpets and bedding. Individuals should wash bed clothes and linens often to minimize the presence of allergens, suggests Med-Health.net. Applying moisturizer after a warm bath helps prevent night itching caused by dry skin. Applying cold compresses and apple cider vinegar to affected areas also helps relieve itchy skin, according to Med-Health.net.

Individuals should seek medical attention for night itching if a patterned skin rash appears and worsens, or if night itching occurs on specific body parts, such as the legs, notes Med-Health.net.

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