What Are Some Causes of Nerve Pain After Having Foot Surgery?


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Nerve pain after foot surgery can occur for multiple reasons, including direct injury, traction injury or complex regional pain syndrome, according to the Iowa Orthopaedic Journal. There is no standard method of describing nerve pain following foot surgery, and it is referred to as neuropraxia, post-surgery neuroma or hypersensitive scar.

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The best way to manage nerve pain after foot surgery is to prevent it, says the Iowa Orthopaedic Journal. However, nerve pain can be treated by using steroid injections, local or peripheral nerve blocks, and neuropathic pain medications such as carbamazepine, amitriptyline and gabapentin. Physical therapy sessions and continued use of the affected limb can also help to relieve pain. Narcotics should only be used in temporary situations in which the pain is acute and related to soft tissue damage. Other potential methods of treatment include transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, proximal resection, embedding into nearby muscle and silicone capping.

For those suffering from continuing and severe nerve pain, additional surgery is another option, notes the Iowa Orthopaedic Journal. Neuromas occurring after foot surgery are difficult to manage, as they may form into new neuromas if improperly handled. It is believed that embedding into nearby muscle or silicone capping can help to protect the nerve and minimize any future neuroma.

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