What Causes Neck Pain?


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Conditions that may cause pain in the neck include injuries, activities that can harm the neck and medical conditions, notes WebMD. Other conditions that may lead pain in the neck are nerve compression and worn joints, states Mayo Clinic.

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What Causes Neck Pain?
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Prolonged and repeated movement of the neck may cause pain in the neck, says WebMD. These activities can overstretch the neck causing injury to the neck ligaments. Activities that may lead to neck pain are resting the head on the arm upright for a long time, sleeping on a pillow that is too high and activities such as overhead work.

Injuries may also cause pain to occur in the neck, states WebMD. Severe neck injuries may occur due to falls from significant heights, whiplash in car accidents, sport-related accidents and direct blows to the face. Falling from excessive motion of the cervical spine and short distance can lead to minor injuries to the neck.

Medical conditions such as aging problems, chronic conditions, illness, referred pain, torticollis and infection in the neck area may lead to pain in the neck, according to WebMD. Other conditions that can lead to pain in the neck are worn joints, which may lead to osteoarthritis in the neck and the nerve compression, Mayo Clinic explains.

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