What Are Some of the Causes of Nausea in Men?


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Some possible causes of nausea in men include viral infections, gallbladder disease, chemotherapy and certain drugs. Nausea is not a disease but a strong or mild urge to vomit, notes WebMD.

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Nausea is often a symptom of various other medical conditions. Individuals may become nauseous when affected by a physical or psychological issue. To treat this condition, doctors may have to determine the underlying cause. Short-term nausea is fairly common and should not cause alarm. However, a persistent feeling of nausea should be reported to the doctor for diagnosis.

It is important to pay a visit to the doctor if nausea is accompanied by pain in the chest, confusion, blurred vision, pain in the stomach, stiff neck and high body temperature. To manage this condition, consume bland foods, stay away from strong odors, stay hydrated and take over-the-counter motion sickness medicines, notes Mayo Clinic.

Nausea in men may sometimes be caused by a headache or migraine. Food poisoning is another possible cause for nausea and vomiting. When individuals consume too much alcohol, the body may get rid of the excess alcohol through vomiting, and this will first cause nausea. Other possible causes of nausea in men include eating too much food, motion sickness, extreme pain, disgusting smells, heart failure, liver cancer and intestinal obstruction.

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